'Male Edition' is the title of June's Diary's first mixtape. The mixtape was released on June 30th, 2017. The mixtape was released on SoundCloud and originally contained 7 tracks, however this changed to 6.


 The group confirmed during a Facebook Live Q&A that the group would be releasing a Mixtape, with the release coming soon. The group released the first song off the mixtape titled 'Stay' which was a cover by male group Jodeci. During the behind the scenes of their cover of 'Stay', Frank Gatson confirmed that the mixtape would be covers of 90's songs by male groups.


Track No. Song Original Artist Length
1 If I Ever Fall in Love Shai 1:34
2 Stay Jodeci 5:04
3 Poison Bell Biv DeVoe 4:18
4 Two Occasions The Deele 4:09
5 Hey Jude The Beatles 2:42
6 Where the Party At Jagged Edge 3:44
7 Wrap Around* June's Diary 3:39

*Wrap Around was originally on the mixtape, however it was removed by Epic Records. It has been rumoured that the song was given to another artist by Epic Records, however there is no confirmation from June's Diary that this has occurred.

Listen to the Mixtape

Male Edition by June's Diary


  • This is the groups first ever mixtape.
  • This mixtape is their first ever body of work.
  • The mixtape originally had 7 tracks, however this was changed to 6.


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